OZONE automatically protects data no matter where files are copied, downloaded, sent or stolen – forever.

OZONE provides a single integrated platform provides complete data classification, encryption, monitoring and governance no matter where files travel inside and outside of an organization.

Customized cyber protection modules for meeting corporate regulatory requirements including GDPR, HIPAA, NYCRR500, PCI, FERC and other emerging standards.

Artificial intelligence identifies user behavior trends, responds to anomalies, and builds automated data-protection policies to protect data without affecting user behavior or business continuity.

Clients include government organizations and Fortune 500 companies across banking, insurance, healthcare, auditing, consulting, media and manufacturing.


  • DISCOVER sensitive information via real-time scanning of workstations, network drives, and servers.
  • CLASSIFY based upon a customizable policy engine that identifies wording, phrases, algorithms, formats, user groups, metadata, file types and file locations.
  • ENCRYPT while providing seamless file access to policy-approved users inside and outside of an organization.
  • GOVERN AND MONITOR file access and 20+ user actions including: Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All, Print, Print Screen, File Copy, Move, Rename, Save/Save-as.

Single Integrated Platform


Simple user interface provides
automatic classification, protection, and watermarking

Admin dashboard for setup, audit, reporting and exports


OZONE uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously monitor data access activity for anomalies.

Our platform determines file-access baselines and trends via user behavior to identify suspicious activity, such as sudden increases in high-risk API activity, remote access and infrequent hours, or increases in actions that could indicate possible data breach.

We protects ahead of attacks by identifying files that are perceived as likely to be attacked based upon user behavior tied to similar files.

Our orchestration engine automatically responds to attacks and data leaks by restricting file access and alerting IT teams.

We lower cybersecurity costs via automation and enhancement of human operators.

Our administrator dashboard and alerts provide visibility into how data is being accessed or moved.

API integrations offers connectivity into 3rd party analytics platforms.


Classification and Encryption are critical but they only cover the ideal path:
an authorized user accessing files as they should to do their jobs.

  • What do you do when an employee is leaving and decides to export sensitive information?
  • How do you know when an employee’s credentials are compromised and used to download critical documents?
  • How do you prepare for the unknown?

OZONE can detect these behaviors even if you can’t classify them.

OZONE is constantly learning to detect anomalous behavior to prevent critical information from leaving the enterprise.


OZONE is a New York and Israel-based company that provides next-generation data protection to global clients.

We’re always looking for people who can bring new perspectives to our teams. If you’re looking for a place that celebrates innovation, creativity and desire to learn, email us at CONTACT@OZONE.AI


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